понедельник, 24 января 2011 г.

«Подавляющих истину неправдою...» (Рим.1:18)

В течение многих лет дискутируя с воинствующими атеистами на различных форумах, я постоянно нахожу подтверждение словам одного из моих любимых проповедников Пола Вошера:
Realize this about the Gospel: ...The problem is never the intellect, but the will. I do not believe that the Bible gives any room for atheism! There are liars and God-haters who push the truth out of their minds but there are no such things as “atheists”. For although they knew him... (Romans 1:21). Like a man who hides his head in the sand to avoid a charging rhino, modern man denies the truth of a righteous God and moral absolutes in hopes of quieting his conscience and putting out of his mind the judgment that he knows must come.
Пожалуй, точнее и не скажешь...